Your Puppy’s Safe Journey


At, we recognize that travel can be daunting, especially for first-time companions, whether they’re walking on two legs or four. That’s why our devoted team and trusted travel partners are committed to cherishing your puppy just as much as you do. Prioritizing your puppy’s health and well-being, we ensure their safe and prompt arrival. Every travel arrangement is thoughtfully selected with your puppy’s safety and comfort as our top priority. Trust us to provide the safest and most comfortable journey for your furry friend.


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How Our Puppy Transport Services Work


Airport Selection

We’ll find and choose the closest airport that implements a PetSafe program. A PetSafe program ensures qualified individuals and practices for a successful pet delivery service. Currently, the only airline shipping live animals through cargo is American Airlines.


Communication is vital in any relationship – especially between you and your puppy’s breeder. We work with you and the breeder to coordinate schedules and send you an itinerary.

Puppy Pickup

Next, we’ll send a team member to pick your puppy from the breeder and transport them to the airport. This is our favourite part of our puppy transport service because we get to spend precious time petting your pup during the entire ride to the airport!


Once on board and snuggled in, your puppy will comfortably travel in a new airline-approved kennel with a soft bed, food, and water.


We will be in touch throughout the day with your puppy’s flight schedule until they arrive safely in your arms. At the end of your pet delivery services with Keystone Puppies, we would appreciate you leaving us a review to let us know how you enjoyed the experience.

Summer Months

American Airlines has limited aircraft that can accommodate live animals. Fewer flights equals fewer options. It is also tricky shipping if you live in a warm climate. Temperatures must be under 85 degrees upon arrival for your pet to be safely shipped. We will work with you to find the best day & time to send your puppy, but please be patient, as mother nature is out of our control.


We’ve been shipping puppies for a long time, and we always put your puppy’s health and happiness above everything else, especially when traveling.


Our pet shipping services are as easy as following the 5-step plan above! All you need to worry about is preparing your home for the puppy of your dreams.


Shipping a puppy is just one way our team goes above and beyond for our customers. Other benefits like our Accredited Breeders program and our puppy health guarantee just assist us proving our loyalty to you.

A Few Last Notes About Shipping a Puppy


Every puppy deserves a welcoming home, no matter where in the country that loving home may be! Now, thanks to’s puppy shipping and puppy transport services, we can make that happen.

  • Our typical pet delivery services cost $200. There is an additional $25 – $100 fee for puppies that weigh over 15 lbs.
  • Due to new airline restrictions, snub-nosed breeds cannot be included in our puppy shipping services. 
  • Do you want your puppy delivered to your local airport? To begin your delivery process or to make a reservation,  or fill out our contact form here!
  • Every puppy delivered through Cute Puppies for Sale Group will be handled compassionately by one of our Cute Puppies for Sale Delivery Specialists.