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Rottweiler golden retriever mix

Rottweiler golden retriever mix is also known as the GoldenRottweileror “GoldenRott” is a “designer” or a newer hybrid dog that combines two dog breeds that are famous. The GoldenRottie is among the most intriguing breeds due to its unique mix of traits they may take from their parents.cutestpuppiesforsale is your most trusted and reliable source to find and buy purbred and mix Golden Retriever dog for sale near you .We connect families with the best and most reputable Golden Retriever breeders in the United States with a blink. A Golden retriever puppy is an amazing family dog. They are wonderful with children, loving and loyal to their owners. They only need one thing from you, lots of love and attention.

What To Look For When Getting golden retriever mix dog

Not all homes are willing to embrace this mix breed, and here’s why.

1. A powerful and large dog isn’t recommended when you have children or any other pets who are at risk.

A Golden Retriever Rottweiler hybrid is the result of a combination of two large dogs, each with a different temperament. If you have kids who are young or pets with a vulnerability that live around you, the presence of this dog could be a challenge. Golden Retrievers are considered more friendly, while Rottweilers are known to be aggressive.

It’s quite risky to get the Golden Rotties as a pet because you don’t know which characteristic will be dominant. Will it be the gentleness in the golden retriever or will it be the aggressive part of the Rotweiler.

2. Diet and Exercise

These dogs are active on both sides of their parentage. This means you must prepare for lots in games as well as long walks every day. It is also possible to take the risk of getting soaked because they are prone to a passion for swimming which came through the Golden Retrievers side.

In addition to exercise eating habits, diet is an aspect you need to think about since there is a significant weight-to-weight ratio in both parents dogs.

3. Major Health Issues

There are some serious dangers you should be aware of when it comes to their health. There is a possibility of obesity which could reduce their lives. In addition there is also an important issue with elbow dysplasia due their genetic heritage.

Look at this stunning Golden Retriever pup sure to brighten your days with his puppy kisses. He’s sweeter than sugar and having him be a part of your family will be a real treat. He is a very social little fella who is being raised with children that play with him daily. This baby is AKC registered, vet checked, vaccinated, wormed and comes with a 1 year genetic health guarantee. His parents are Roxy & Cody. He’ll make you laugh and smile every single day. You’ll be wondering what it was you ever did without him. He will be ready for all the snuggles that you have planned. Make this cuddle bug your baby today!

rottweiler golden retriever mix



11Weeks old

Golden Retriever puppy

Accepting deposits

AKC registered

Health guarantee

Current on all shots

Micro chipped

All paper work available

Kids Friendly

Other Pets Friendly

Shipping Available

Price Discounts When you buy more than one Puppy