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Meet Simba! This little boy is such a cute bundle of fur, he is well started on socialization from birth to give him a solid foundation for a great character. His lovable nature and happy attitude will bring a smile to your face that will last a lifetime. Simba is the best of both worlds. This cuddle bug loves to snuggle under the covers, so make room for him in your home and heart. he will be vet checked from nose to tail, will arrive up to date on his vaccinations, microchipped. he is just waiting for the right person to come along and scoop him up, so don’t miss out on this charming cutie!

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Find Fluffy Rottweiler for Sale

Are you curious about Fluffy Rottweiler? These adorable pups, also known as Long Hair Rottweilers, have a unique and distinct appearance. Unlike the traditional short-haired Rottweilers, Fluffy Rottweilers have a longer and softer coat that gives them a fluffy and cuddly appearance. Their luxurious fur adds an extra touch of charm to this already beloved breed.

What Are Fluffy Rottweiler Puppies or Long Hair Rottweilers?

Fluffy Rottweiler puppies, also known as Long Hair Rottweilers, are a variation of the classic Rottweiler breed. While the traditional Rottweilers have a short and sleek coat, Fluffy Rottweilers showcase a longer and thicker fur, giving them a distinct and eye-catching appearance.

These fluffy companions inherit their long hair from genetic variations within the Rottweiler breed. Although not as common as their short-haired counterparts, Fluffy Rottweilers are cherished for their unique and charming looks. If you’re seeking a Rottweiler with an extra touch of elegance and softness, Fluffy Rottweilers might be the perfect choice for you.

Temperament of Rottweilers

Rottweilers are renowned for their loyal and protective nature, making them excellent family companions and guard dogs. They are known for their intelligence, confidence, and willingness to please their owners.

Rottweilers have a calm and composed demeanor, but they are also known to be alert and attentive. They form strong bonds with their families and are highly devoted and protective. With proper training and socialization from an early age, Rottweilers can grow up to be well-rounded, friendly, and sociable dogs.

While each Rottweiler has its own personality, they generally exhibit a confident and self-assured temperament. Their loyalty and affection make them wonderful companions, and their protective instincts make them excellent guardians. If you’re considering adding a Rottweiler to your family, you can expect a loving and devoted companion that will bring joy to your life.

The Rottweiler is always black with markings that are rust to mahogany in color. The markings appear over the eyes, on the cheeks, on each side of the muzzle, on the chest and legs, and beneath the tail. There are also tan lines that resemble pencil marks on the toes.

fluffy rottweiler



10  Weeks old

 Rottweiler Puppy

Accepting deposits

AKC registered

Health guarantee

Current on all shots

Micro chipped

All paper work available

Kids Friendly

Other Pets Friendly

Shipping Available

Price Discounts When you buy more than one Puppy