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toy poodles for sale Wichita KS

We are a small family breeder located in toy poodle puppies for sale in wichita Kansas USA ! We focus on natural behavior and raisable by hand. Our dogs are ALL AMERICAN GRADE champions with superb temperament and intelligence. We pride ourselves on raising quality American champions that will bring hard work, love, playfulness and unconditional love to their new homes. From our future customers to our old-time friends you always need a pal to be at your side under any circumstance… What better companion than a toy poodle? The family support is amazing! Toy Poodles near me are gentle, loving and have an excellent temperament. They get along so well with other animals and children. Some toy poodle go through obedience only training because they are so smart but most just require consistency and you can teach these dogs tricks like sitting, coming when called, walking through the door etc.

More about toy poodle puppies for sale in wichita kansas

Classy puppy breeders is the premiere online puppy store to buy toy poodle puppies for sale in wichita kansas, we offer toy poodle puppies for sale as well as other small and medium dogs from top breeders. Our website offers articles on everything related to toy poodle, from puppy adoption and training to aging your dog with our life cycle calculator for much more. The website was started in 2010 when I realized that the high prices charged by stores made it extremely difficult for people like me to get their hands on the perfect little addition to their family. To make things easier and give back to those who are unable to cope with these high prices without a second chance, we began selling sample breeds, aka “Current Generation. “We have since morphed into a full-blown marketplace where people can buy anything they want without breaking the bank!

Our aim is to sell toy poodle puppies for good homes in order to make the animal more accessible for everyone. Toy Poodles are an intelligent, loyal dog with a calm temperament, but can be playful, too! Choose from breeds like Toy Yorkies, Toy Schnauzers or Toy Portuguese Water Dogs and get your new family member directly from our kennel here in the USA.

About Skyler

Hello there! I am so anxious I love to be around people, and you will definitely enjoy being with me! I’m looking forward to meet my new forever family. Could that be with you? I sure hope so. I am a gorgeous puppy with a personality to match. I am also up to date on my vaccinations and vet checked from head to tail, so when you see me, I will be as healthy as can be. What are you waiting for, I know I will be the best friend you have dreamed of?

toy poodle puppies for sale in wichita kansas