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Yorkies for sale near me

If you or your family are looking for a furry friend then look no further as we have the perfect animal companion for you! yorkies for sale near me are one of the most adorable pets that a household can own. They have a long history as being people’s favorite lap dog and they remain to be just as popular today.Yorkie Poo’s make excellent pets for any family with children and those that live in small homes, apartments, or condos due to their size. This is because Yorkie Poo’s are among the smallest and tiniest of all other breeds in the canine world. The Yorkie Poo will never grow more than 11″ tall (at most), weigh more than 6 pounds at full maturity, and stand no taller than 7 inches from paw to shoulder.

History | Origin of yorkie puppies

The yorkie Puppies are 3-4 pound canine hybrid that features personality traits that include, cuteness, resilience, and zest. The typical yorkie has a terrier head and also the legs of a terrier. This cute little dog has been a popular house pet for centuries but was primarily bred in England during the nineteenth century for hunting purposes. Yorkie puppies historyThe Yorkie’s story incites from the traditional Norfolk Terrier dogs, who originated many generations ago around Leadenhall Market in London, England. Some evidence points to their original use being as ratsters who could be relied on to get rid of rats and rabbits. There are also tales of them being used in foxhunting yards with other breeds of terriers. In some regions they have been used as vermin eaters protecting farmers’ storehouses, granaries

Temperament of yorkies near me for sale

The yorkies for sale near me is a dog that are fearless and confident. They are also known for their feisty personality. These topics can be very good for people who want a pup that has a confident attitude! Yorkies have short hair and have the potential to live up to 16 years. They need this time, however, to train and learn how to get along with others of their species. The temperament of yorkiestends to be much more mild than the terrier’s when it is raised with care.

About Jack

Yes, I am just that cute, these photos don’t do me justice! And yes, I am even cuter in person, I am probably the cutest puppy you will ever see! Why look at anyone else, you know that you won’t find a more unique puppy than me. Trust me when I say that I will be your best friend and most loyal companion. Please make me yours, I cannot wait to meet you and love you forever!
yorkies for sale near me

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