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standard poodle rescue near me

Classy puppy Breeders offers an answer for today’s busy families who desire a small-sized dog but are looking to adopt. standard poodle rescue near me often test at the bottom of many sheltie rescues because they are too cute, too independent, too expensive and more snobby than their poor cousins. They don’t need strollers, carriers or diapers. As a result, very few toy poodles in Washington State (and other areas of the US) live “a good life.”The standard poodle rescue near me is made up currently of two volunteers working tirelessly to save these forgotten dogs through networking, educating and advocating for them. We are hopelessly attempting to change the world perception that toy poodles are bigger than life and no one can handle them ;-)It all started by my personal experience with child leash aggression from a neighbor’s dog – later discovering that this popular family pet gets away with acting this way because he sits on his own nest egg– probably not yours if you’re reading this. Toys have been routinely rung out for generations leaving us with timid, crippled little guys.

Temperament of standard poodle rescue near me

If you want to Rescue a Standard Poodle puppy near me, it’s smart to do a little research first. These puppies are sociable, even-tempered, and intelligent. These small dogs love a cuddle with their owners, which makes them excellent lap dogs. While they usually like older children and families, their small size makes them physically vulnerable. Because of their size, they are not good fits for families with toddlers.

Use gentle and positive training methods, and you’ll find these pups happily learn a long line of new commands, tasks, and tricks. In fact, they are so smart that they can become bored. Toy Poodles need activity and mental stimulation to keep them happy, calm, and centered. Many pups suffer from separation anxiety if they are left alone too often.

While these dogs will bark sharply when they sense new people at the door or in the home, they are not aggressive. However, they may be shy of new visitors.


In case you’re thinking about embracing a Toy Poodle doggy, ensure you comprehend this present variety’s exceptional wellbeing contemplations. The normal life expectancy is 14-16 years. One of the more normal medical problems with this little variety is Luxating Patella. Fastidious day by day dental consideration is fundamental to forestall contaminations of the teeth and gums.

Other wellbeing concerns can be:

Tracheal Breakdown

PRA (Reformist Retinal Decay)

Ear Contaminations

Addison’s Sickness

This canine is little and sensitive, so even minor falls or effects may bring about genuine wounds. Converse with you vet about the most ideal approaches to ensure your Toy Poodle’s skeletal wellbeing. With each breed, stay current with vaccines and schedule routine vet checkups.

standard poodle rescue near me