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toy poodle for sale Illinois

classy puppy breeders is here to help you find the best toy poodle for sale Illinois. We believe that everybody deserves a little happiness and joy in their lives and will continue to grow to reflect this thought. Toy poodles for sale in Missouri are an enjoyable and easy way to brighten up your day. It started with two toy poodles hundreds of miles away from each other who were destined to meet one day while they were both running free over fields of golden wheat. Prince and Bambi decided that finding each other like this was such a magical thing they had no choice but to turn the love into a litter. With the dream now fulfilled, babyhood on its own gained the dogs enough attention to brew their position as top dog breeders! They even have one of our family’s two toy poodles still living at home!

History of toy poodle for sale Illinois

We offer a wide selection of toy poodle breeders who breed purebred toy poodles. Our aim is to create an online shop for dog lovers and animal care professionals to purchase high quality purebred tan, grey, and cream miniature poodles. For sale is a toy poodle in Illinois. Featuring well groomed, healthy coat texture, blue eyes and good ears. They are registered with all requisite papers as required by the AKC .All our dogs are hand-picked for quality only because we believe that whimpers of pain can also be heard.

Our aim is to sell toy poodle puppies for good homes in order to make the animal more accessible for everyone. Toy Poodles are an intelligent, loyal dog with a calm temperament, but can be playful, too! Choose from breeds like Toy Yorkies, Toy Schnauzers or Toy Portuguese Water Dogs and get your new family member directly from our kennel here in the USA.

This gorgeous little guy is Ransom, he is a dark chocolate parti! Just one look into those precious eyes and you’ll be in love. Ransom loves to be spoiled, and would love nothing more than to have a family he can call his own. He loves to run around and play, he will not leave you with any dull moments. When arriving to his new home, he’ll come up to date on vaccinations, vet checked and pre-spoiled! Hurry! Ransom can’t wait to meet his new family!

toy poodle for sale illinois