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toy poodle puppies for sale California

We breed toy poodle puppies for sale in Southern California, selling both males and females. We pride ourselves on the outstanding temperament and great health of our toy poodle puppies as well as our breeding program and breeding kennel. Toy poodles are a wonderful companion and can be sweet, devoted lapdogs for both children and adults alike. We know that finding reputable toy poodle breeders is very difficult so we take the time to make sure that you enjoy owning your toy poodle from the start to end. We’ve been in the dog business for 12 years now!

Toy poodle puppies for sale California appreciates the special characteristics one should attain when acquiring a brand-new puppy, which is why we practice honest business practices and keeps our part of the transaction smooth from start to finish. Toy Poodle puppies are only brought into life once, so these dogs represent quality that you can trust for life and allow for longevity which will be appreciated by each client. That’s why you should buy your next piece from toy poodle puppies for sale California!

More about toy poodle puppies for sale California

We’re a reputable small toy poodle Breeder in California. Our toy poodle puppies for sale pa come from exquisite blood lines and with pedigrees dating back ten generations. We at toy poodles choose to only use certified and educated breeders who focus strictly on their blood lines. So not one person can say we raised these dogs poorly or do not care about them because we do everything possible to ensure their health and upbringing. All our dogs are wormed, litter trained, vaccine presented, examined weekly for day or night sicknesses or allergies before going to the new home.

Our aim is to sell toy poodle puppies for good homes in order to make the animal more accessible for everyone. Toy Poodles are an intelligent, loyal dog with a calm temperament, but can be playful, too! Choose from breeds like Toy Yorkies, Toy Schnauzers or Toy Portuguese Water Dogs and get your new family member directly from our kennel here in the USA.

My name is Scotty. You could say action is my middle name and loving is my game. I love long walks on the beach and don’t mind staying up all night cuddling. I love a good book with a nice dog bone close by. Movie night is my favorite; Lady and the Tramp is my favorite of course. Don’t worry, I have enough love to go around for everyone! I am game for any lifestyle. If you are looking for adventure and unconditional love, then call in and ask for me!

toy poodle puppies for sale california